Speak to your clients

I had a great customer experience today. Yesterday, while playing with different Bitcoin websites I signed up for BTCJam, a P2P lending platform which uses Bitcoin as it’s main currency. It’s a pretty interesting site, where you can grow your Bitcoin investment with up to 19.3% APR, and borrow Bitcoin with rates as low as 6.7%. In case you’re wondering, the spread on those rates is based on the risk of your investment but it’s always great to see these platforms develop.

Anyway, back to my post. I signed up for the site yesterday and had already almost forgotten about it; when today, 24 hours after signing up, I get an email thanking me for signing up and asking how things were going. Granted, it was an automated email, but it prompted me to go back to the site, it impinged itself upon my consciousness and gave me the warm fuzzies needed to gel the memory of the site.

It reinforced how important it is to speak to our clients. I don’t think I’ve ever had a site check on me after I sign up. Definitely a technique I will keep in mind for the future!

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