Playing with Litecoin

So, after a foray into Bitcoin and NXTCoin, it’s time to play with some Litecoin. I got my hands on a Gridseed miner and wanted to play with it. Mining Bitcoin is getting exceedingly hard at the moment, so I picked Litecoin as a target to generate.

I eventually got my rig up and running using my Raspberry Pi:

2014-07-14 17.40.23

It’s happily running at 360MH. Will take a few years to cover the cost of the hardware, so not expecting to retire off my mining efforts anytime soon 🙂

I’m also taking another approach to mining, using a Digital Ocean droplet to do some cloud-based hashing. It’s nowhere as effective as an ASIC based approach, but it will be fun to see what a $5 a month server can do.

Learnt lots of stuff along the way, but happy that I’m confident with Litecoin 🙂 Oh, and if you have any running around that you want to send me, my address is: LhrVSVbxVgQp9fbYUKonCVRfpcCnKd9Dp3

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  1. I’ve been very interested in digital currency of late. Not got so far as to actually mining the stuff but I would be very interested to see where you get with it.

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