Finally sorted out my Cloud Backup!

I’ve been looking for a decent backup service ever since my wife promised to skin me alive if I lost any of our family photos! I’ve played with a variety of different methods including dumping folders to disk, syncing photos from my machine to another machine in the house, and all sorts of other options. Each worked to an extent but there was always some sort of overhead in terms of management, keeping track of things etc.

On a friend’s recommendation I’ve been giving JustCloud a try and have been using this for around a month now. I must say, I’m pretty pleased with the service and I’m looking to keep using this in the future. It does all you would expect a cloud backup provider to do, it automatically backs up your data to an off-site location, but also has a number of other compelling features which make it a pleasure to work with. I like the fact, for example, that it will automatically back up your mobile devices as part of your backup license. You pay a small charge for every machine you want to back up, but mobile devices are free; I wouldn’t have backed up my phone and tablet for example, but it’s no effort and no charge, so why not?

I also like the fact that they have an unlimited storage feature. I don’t need this, but my friend backs up 4Tb of photos and video, all for one yearly fee. It also provides a sync folder to share files across devices if you really need. I tend to prefer using Dropbox for that, but using Dropbox for backup would have been really, really expensive. With JustCloud I’ve paid $120 a year for their Premium plan and I don’t have to worry about backup any more!

Will keep you posted how I get on, but in the meantime JustCloud is my hero!

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