Email Marketing & Gmail’s Inbox Tabs

Your B2B marketing solutions like email marketing have many subscribers on Gmail. But with Gmail’s new update, many marketers are missing the mark. The Gmail inbox has five unique tabs now – primary, social, promotions, updates, and forums. So as a marketer, how does one tailor their B2B marketing solutions to create the most impact on Gmail? 

What the New Update Means

Google wanted its users to have total control over their inbox by allowing them to customize which mail goes where. This has made Gmail users very happy, but email marketing strategists that offer B2B marketing solutions have to adapt to the new segregation. This means that subscribers to newsletters and promotional emails now have to click on the ‘promotions’ tab that also has ads that masquerade as emails.

Now businesses will have to contend with the fact their B2B marketing solutions such as promotional emailers and newsletters will not reach the primary inbox of their subscribers and may be ignored completely.

Statistics Don’t Lie

Research done on the Gmail update revealed that it is slowing down open rates. But it is not happening as significantly as email marketers who provide B2B marketing solutions would have imagined. But the truth is that it is still way too early for marketing strategists to be taking it easy. This new update has been functional only for a few months and like other things related to the Internet, the tide could change drastically.

The Solution

So does this mean that the fate of B2B marketing solutions that falls underneath the category of email marketing is forever tainted with uncertainty? Thankfully, no. Here are some ways to ensure that your B2B marketing solutions and strategies reach their target audience even if the new Gmail update proves in the future to have a negative impact on email marketing:

  1. It has become important, now more than ever, to offer your subscribers something of value. If there’s nothing in it for them, or if they don’t like what you share, there is a magnificent chance that they will unsubscribe from your mailing list.


  1. Now it is more important for marketers offering B2B marketing solutions to build stronger relationships rather than focus on selling. Keep your emailers valuable and engaging so that your subscribers will be left craving more every time.
  2. Use the promotions tab your advantage. What really works well is a hard-hitting subject line. If your subscriber opens the promotions tab of his inbox and nothing really catches his eye, there is a marvelous chance that he might mass delete all his ‘spam’. If your email doesn’t stand out, it will be ignored completely. This is where an eye-catching subject line comes in to save the day.
  3. Google is known as a pioneer. This means that other email providers will be quick to join the tab bandwagon. Creating an infographic, an engaging video or even an instructive email is a salient way to ensure that your subscribers move your emails into their primary inbox.

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Thanks to Carol Harper for this guest post

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