Regulation driving technology

It’s interesting to see what drives the technology curve. You sort of assume that things like product innovation processes are consumer led; needs are identified and someone comes up with a way of addressing them. Obviously, you need advances in technology to support such things. New technology also comes from other quarters, but I’m always surprised when I see regulation and compliance requirement creating new product offerings.

This train of thought came from looking at Message Logic’s website, who specialise in products that provide message archiving. The main reason their clients use their products are for “Regulatory, Compliance, Legal Discovery and Corporate Governance” purposes, which, to be perfectly honest, I have never really been exposed to. Thinking about it, I can understand the requirement, but it’s still interesting to see a whole industry develop around it.

The other interesting side of this product is that it’s offered in 4 different flavours: It’s available as a virtual machine, can be purchased as an appliance, or deployed in the cloud to Amazon Web Services, or in a highly compliant cloud provider (NASDAQ OMX FinQloud). This is a pretty mature way of acknowledging that clients have different requirements and the technology stack deployed for one may not necessarily be adequate, or even legal, for a different client. Here, Message Logic is providing supported options that can be tailored precisely to the client’s needs.

Some interesting thoughts there, apologies for the reambling, it’s always fun to see how companies build products and how they deploy them. Have *you* come across anything interesting today?

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