Third Thursday – July 2013 – Social Media Club #smc.iom

Yay! It’s time for Third Thursday again, the monthly meetup for people interested in Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and all the social networking sites we have to be part of today. If you’ve never joined us, we meet up once a month, on the Third Thursday of the month, at Paparazzi in Douglas for a bite to eat and a chance to swap stories.

It’s an open invitation, anyone can join; whether you’ve been using newsgroups since the dawn of the Internet or have only just discovered Facebook. Online social channels have been around for an age now and sometimes it’s hard to establish context without that face to face meeting. And what better way to meet than to have lunch and chat about the latest and greatest in the online world.

So, we’ll see you all on Thursday 18th July at 12:30 down at Paparazzi on the prom. It’s an open invite so feel free to bring friends and colleagues who may be interested in Social Media. If you get it, share it!

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