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When old specs become new specs

I blogged about getting new specs recently from an Internet company called I Wear Glasses. Well, once my new specs arrived, I thought I’d take advantage of their reglazing service and get some new lenses for my old frames. They offer a fantastic service, with a price starting at £9.99, though mine were a bit more expensive due to my needing varifocal lenses.

The process is really straightforward; you choose their reglazing service, pick the lenses you need and any options you would like. After paying for what you need, you’re given a reference and an address to which to post your glasses. A couple of weeks later and boom, your specs are with you as good as new.

There were a couple of things that really impressed me about this company. First of all, a few days after I placed my order I found an email from them with a query about my prescription. Turns out I typed one of the numbers wrong and they picked up on the fact that the figures didn’t quite line up. It was a great experience as they prevented a major headache on my part (both figuratively and literally). The other thing I liked was that my old specs were cleaned up and all the screws tightened etc. They felt just like a new pair!

Oh! If you decide you’re getting a pair, use the code BLOG10 for a 10% off.

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