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Join us for a 3-legged race


Three leggedraceGuinness say that “achieving a Guinness World Record is much more than a simple fact: it’s a means of understanding your position in the world… a yardstick for measuring how you and those around you fit in”.

In 2009 468 dedicated Manx pairs captured the 3-Legged World Record. This triumph was short lived with a Japanese school soon stepping up to take our title with 502 pairs. But now it’s time for the Isle of Man to reclaim this record, and a local initiative is organising the date to make it happen. It’s all going to happen on the 6th of May, yes it’s a Monday, but it’s a Bank Holiday. They’re looking for 1000 pairs of people who are ready to take part in a race. It won’t be a long race, don’t worry, only 200m in all; but it will help secure the Isle of Man’s place in the Guinness World Records Book.

Arthur has been saying he wants to be part of a world record for some time now, so this has just come up at the perfect time. The question is .. are you going to join us?

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