Testing: Huawei Wi-Fi Repeater

We’ve had a small Wifi problem at home. My Fritz!Box is sitting in one corner of the house, providing coverage to pretty much the complete house, but the signal is a bit weak in the opposite corner of the house. Some devices work fine, but some don’t have a strong enough signal. I’ve been using a set of HomePlugs for Arthur’s computer which have been just fine; but if you’re running around with a mobile or a tablet you rely on Wifi quite strongly. It came to a head a few days ago when I was sitting next to the printer in the study and my laptop kept losing signal. The printer was connected to the Wifi network just fine, but my laptop could just no see it.

So, to solve the problem I started reading up on Wifi repeaters. I wasn’t convinced initially but when I found the Huawei Wi-Fi Repeater for £25, I started reading reviews about it and was finally convinced. A couple of days later, the device was here.

My initial impression was pretty positive. The repeater is tiny, just a bit bigger than a plug. I was a bit worried about the size, but this sits in a socket somewhere and is in no way obtrusive. So what are the results like. Well, here my wifi signal before the repeater was installed:
2013-01-04 18.54.29

And here’s the wifi signal after:
2013-01-04 18.58.40

You’ll note a second network with the same SSID, which is what the repeater generates. It provides good coverage in that room. Problem solved!

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