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Industrial Floor Scales

The great thing about the Internet is that you can always find something new to learn. Today I was just pottering around, looking at how scales work, when I stumbled across Floor Scales Direct. To tell you the truth, I thought floor scales were the same thing as bathroom scales, but how was I wrong!

It turns out that this company specialises in industrial scales, the sort which are used for weighing items on a warehouse floor. They provide platform scales, drum scales, even livestock scales. The fact is, I’ve never been exposed to this sort of tech before, so if I hadn’t come across the site, I would have had no idea it even existed!

There are a large number of different models that will fit whatever need there is on the warehouse floor. I thought the livestock ones are the most fascinating. They consist of a aluminum alleyway you can just leave your animal on, which will tell you the weight. Nothing could be simpler than leading your cow be weighed. The other technology I found quite interesting were the fork lift scales. They hook on to your standard forklift and each arm communicates via Bluetooth to the weight indicator in the forklift cabin.

It’s interesting how technology has different applications in different areas. Must have been quite difficult to gauge weights like these before tech like this became available. But someone will always have the ingenuity to invent something that makes everyone’s job easier. I’ll raise a glass to whoever it was!

photo by: jurvetson

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