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Bassbuds review (and voucher!)

2012-11-27 13.16.03

I got a set of Bassbuds to try out recently and I must say, they’re probably one of the best sets of in-ear headphones I’ve used to date. They come packaged in an impressive case, here are some photos I took as I opened up the package:

After opening them up and playing with the buds to find the right size I plugged them into my phone to give them a test. First I tried playing on music; Linkin Park came up on my random selection, which was a pretty good test I thought. The sound quality was superb, the bass nice and solid, much better than you would expect from speakers so tiny.

The next thing I wanted to try was how well they served as a handsfree device. You see, they come complete with a microphone and a button to control your device. Once again, I was pretty impressed with the performance; sound was perfectly clear, both at my end and at the other side. Full marks on that.

So, what are the features on these Bassbuds? The box says:

That’s all pretty cool, but for me it was the sound quality that sold me on them. I think the thing I like least about them is the crystal on each bud, I’m not really a “bling” kind of person; but I’m sure there’s a market segment to whom this feature is indispensable 🙂

So, where can you get them from? Well, just head down to and pick one of the 20 different colours they come in. Oh, and I also have a £5.00 voucher discount for my readers: Just use code: BB38483 at checkout for fiver to be knocked off your bill!

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