be.Food – Now, that’s a good sandwich!

Here’s an idea I love, a company that makes awesome sandwiches and delivers them right to your desk, just in time for lunch. And that’s just what be.Food deliver. They’re a small startup here in the Isle of Man who currently only operate around Douglas, and only one day a week, but their food is just awesome. Here’s what they were delivering last week for example:

The Soup – Creamy Potato & Cheese
Local spuds, smoked Gouda cheese, garlic, shallots, basil and double cream. The perfect Autumn grub.

Sandwich #1 – Turkey Crunch
Our favourite bread, succulent grilled turkey breast, finely chopped onion, crushed walnuts, and a cranberry mayo. Bit Christmassy but we wanted to squeeze it in.

Sandwich #2 – Road Peppers & Goats Cheese
Fresh local bread, grilled bell peppers, garlic and herb goats cheese, fine slices of onion, fresh basic and rocket.

The Salad – Chicken Pasta Salad
Nice and simple, and following the hearty theme. Good pasta, grilled chicken breast, finely sliced celery and egg, dressed with sour cream, extra light mayo and tarragon.

I went with the Turkey Crunch, and took a couple of photos to show you all what it looked like. Here’s my sandwich unwrapping:

Looks good doesn’t it. Well, it certainly was. I originally choose the sandwich because I was intrigued by the walnuts. I’m not one to put onions in my sandwich and was a bit skeptical of them, but they were very nicely balanced out with the sauce and the sandwich came together very nicely. It was like Christmas came early this year!

The service is the brainchild of Ben and Elizabeth a local couple with a passion blending together a number of different cuisines in the hopes of tantilising the lunchtime market. I, for one, was very impressed with their offering and will certainly by looking to them in the future for my lunch.

The only downsides of their service are tied to the fact that they’re still in their infancy and still testing the market. They only deliver on Fridays and you need to book your sandwich before midday on the previous day. I can understand why this is the case, but am looking forward to the day when they announce they’ll be delivered everyday, with say, a 10:00am cut-off time for orders. I just hope they see the potential in the market to make it happen. In the meantime, I’ll be recommending them to everyone bored with their normal lunches; these guys can make Friday all that little more special!

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