Playing with a mini Remote Control Helicopter

A few days ago we received a package in the post from ParamountZone, an excellent online source for games and gadgets. It was an indoor remote control helicopter, just in time for my birthday 🙂 Check out just how tiny the helicopter really is:

To tell you the truth, I haven’t had much experience with remote control toys, but learning to fly this helicopter was a doddle. Thanks to an on-board gyroscope, the helicopter takes care of keeping itself steady and all you need to do is fly it. It says 14+ on the box, but my 6-year old son, Arthur, had no problems flying it:

From a geeky point of view, this device is a marvel of engineering, it’s so tiny, yet contains a battery, circuitry, motors and everything that’s needed to make this device fly. Here’s what it looks like on the inside:

So, what’s the verdict. Well, Arthur loves it, and so do I. It really isn’t expensive at £17.00 and promises hours of fun. We’ve only had it for a few days, and so far we’ve made time to play with it every day. They have a selection of remote control helicopters and other great gifts. Check out their video here:

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