Loving my Sony Smartwatch

I’ve been using my Sony Smartwatch for a couple of weeks now and I’m loving the way the watch integrates with my phone. I can use it to see who’s calling, change songs playing on my phone and even use it to see what my phone camera is seeing. I only had one little niggle with it. The time display looked like this:

The default behaviour of the phone was to turn off the screen after a few seconds and you’d need to press the button to see the current time. Not really a big deal, but it’s always more convenient to be able to glance at your watch. I also thought it would be nice if you could do something different with the display, but it seemed fixed.

Well, last night I got an update for the phone software and all of a sudden my niggles have gone away. I have a choice of 2 other main displays:

And the great thing is that the behaviour of the phone is different for each display too. The one I’m using (the analogue watch display) remains active as long as the phone detect motion, which means that you can glance at it when you like. That’s exactly what I wanted it to do!

Don’t you just love updates that make things work better?

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