Got to get a train horn ..

My mate Rob told me a great story the other day: Gotcha! That’s what I shouted at one of my best friends as I drove off with a huge grin on my face after introducing him to my new train horn. I think most people have a friend like him. He’s one of those guys that’s always playing pranks, thinks he knows it all and believes he’s not stupid enough to fall for a prank himself.

That all changed yesterday when I drove alongside him as he walked towards his car and tooted my new train horn. It sounded even louder than I expected and this added to the effect. His sudden jump into orbit was followed by a look of shock and then embarrassment as he realized what was going on. It’s not often I have the opportunity to get the better of him, so it was a satisfying moment and I laughed all the way home. It’s an image that will stay with me forever.

Most adults yearn to be back in school playing tricks on each other and this piece of equipment definitely lets you do this. They’re not the cheapest auto products, but are definitely worth the money even just to see the reaction and facial expressions of people when they hear these horns for the first time.

It’s the simplest pranks that are often the funniest. No matter how many times you see this prank, it gets the same reaction, especially if you’re driving a small car. Seeing the sudden reactions and expressions makes it all worthwhile. It’s even funnier if you play this trick on someone who is generally cool and over-confident about themselves.

Later on, I called my friends cell phone. Naturally enough it wasn’t answered so I left an apologetic message, but couldn’t resist laughing at the end of the recording. As one of my best friends, he’ll eventually see the funny side. All-in all, it was worth it just to see his reaction as he jumped for cover from my favourite new toy – my new train horn!

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