Learning about PA Systems

It’s been many many years since I played in a band, but I remember how much time we invested in the initiative. And it wasn’t just time, it was our sweat and tears and also a passion for what we were doing. The one thing that we never took much account for was the kit we used. Well, of course it was important, but at that stage in our life we really just used any kit we could get our hands on. We’d talk about what we wanted and compare what we had, but we never really had the money to invest in it.

Those thoughts were crossing my mind as I stumbled across a website about PA Systems. They seem to have a great selection of kit to choose from and it was awesome reading the specifications and going back in time. It was interesting to see that some of the quality kit still seems as expensive as it appeared back then. But the choice seems to be much wider than the selection we had access to. I guess that’s the great thing about the Internet, it gives you access to a new bunch of information that you would never have access to otherwise; like information on PA Systems, all the way from Australia.

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