Social Media Day – 30th June – Isle of Man!!

Did you know that June 30th is Social Media Day? It’s organised by Mashable, one of the prermier site for all things Social, and they describe it as:

A day to celebrate the revolution of media becoming social. Celebrate Social Media Day with Mashable by attending or organising a meetup near you on June 30. Connect with your Social Media Community!

So, a couple of days ago I checked if anything was happening in the Isle of Man, and it turns out nothing had been organised yet. So I had a few words with @ProgramX and now we don’t have just a Social Media event .. we actually have TWO Social Media Events you can come to.

First of all we have a Social Media lunch. Same format as Social Media Club, down at Paparazzi at 12:30. It’s open to anyone with an interest in Social Media and a great opportunity for friends and colleague to mingle over a bite.

Next we’ve book a table at Danny’s Bar (Peveril Buildings, opposite Sea Terminal) for starting 6-6.30ish (ie. after work to catch people before they leave Douglas). Following food in Danny’s bar, we’ll move on to G+D’s for those that want to continue the evening with some dancing.

There are two events to try and attract as much interest as possible. If you’re office based and can only do lunch, come to that. If you’re out of town and can only make dinner, come to that. If you don’t have any commitments and can come to both, please do; you’re bound to meet a different crowd!

So, book the 30th June in your calendar and come socialise with your Social Media friends! Drop us a line if you’re coming.

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