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So, a couple of days ago I posted about Poker Stars, one of the largest poker websites in the world that has a base right here in the Isle of Man. I’ve been reading up about them, just to find out a bit what’s going on and there’s some interesting information around. For example, did you know they’ve been around since 2001, a good 10 years? They were originally a Costa Rican company before moving to the Isle of Man. They also have a local presence in a number of countries, including France, where poker is both legal and popular. They even hold a world record, which they set in 2009, having held the biggest online tournament ever. The tournament entry fee was $1, and the record number of people reached was 149,196.

If you’ve never been been to Poker Stars, it’s a place where you can play poker for play money or real cash, They have a selection of different poker games, and they also have guides and instructions on how to play all their different games, in case you’re looking to learn. The thing about Poker Stars is that they’re not a casino so you’re not playing against the house; you’re only playing against other players, putting your wits and skills against real people from around the world. Poker Stars gets it’s revenue from hosting poker games between players by collecting a rake from each real money pot. There is absolutely no charge to participate in their play money poker games, so they’re a good way to learn how to play.

It’s interesting to see how many poker sites have come and gone over the years, so it’s good to see a company that has stood the test of time and seems to be growing from strength to strength. Check them out if you want to try your hand at poker.

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