Lockscreen Gestures – Best Cyanogenmod feature of 2010

I’ve been running the Cyanogenmod Rom on my Nexus 1 almost since the day I got it. It has the best enhancements, battery life and speed of the ROMs I had originally tested before making my mind up. There probably have been new ROMs springing up on the Android phone scene since then, but I’m happy to stick with a ROM that makes me happy.

Well, the latest experimental drop of the ROM: CyanogenMod 6.1.0 RC 2 has an awesome feature which has got to be my favourite feature in a long time: Lockscreen Gestures. You know how it is, you need to take a photo in a hurry, so you dig into your pocket for your phone, scramble to unlock it, get the lock code wrong, unlock again, try to find the camera icon, miss it, open the Gallery instead, go back, hit the camera .. and your photo opportunity it gone! Well, Lockscreen Gestures lets you go straight from the lockscreen to your favourite app, without having to navigate or search for it. I’ve only just started playing with it, but it really works for when you need snappy access to an application. These are the gestures I have at the moment:

If you want to try Cyanogenmod on your phone, check out if there’s a version for you under the stable mods. If you need more information, check out the wiki, or drop me a Tweet

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