Third Thursday – 21st October – Social Media Club

It’s Third Thursday again this week, and as it has become our custom, time for a group of people interested in Social Media to meet for a nice lunch and discuss what’s going on in the Social Media world. Whether you have a passion for blogging, or just a passing interest in Twitter; it’s an opportunity to meet like-minded people to share ideas and learn a thing or two.

So come and join the Social Media Club at Paparazzi on the 21st October at 12:30. It’s a pretty fluid arrangement: people turn up, we order some food and swap stories about the latest news, things we’ve done that month or even things we’ve seen other people do. There’s something for everyone, whether you’re a hardcore Microsoft fan, or whether you’re just starting out in PR; Social Media is impacting both our personal and our professional lives, so come join our little party.

It’s open to anyone with an interest in Social Media and we’re always happy to see new faces. So don’t be shy, just pop in and say “Hi!”. See you on Thursday!

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