Super Follow Friday for 20th August 2010 #ff

Last week, my mate Frank tried something different for his Follow Friday, so I thought I’d try to innovate on his idea and put together a video Follow Friday. So, without any further ado (feel free to blow it up to full screen):

So, who were my picks this week. Well, as always, it was a pretty hard choice and I had to omit a number of people, but there was no way I could get everyone I wanted in. So I picked some of the tweets I enjoyed most this week, and my #ffs were the relevant tweeters. These were:

Check them out, and if you like their tweets, make sure your follow them!


  1. Had to hit a desktop browser, the video isn’t iPod compatable. Workaround would be to rip the Flash and then reupload it for either internal or Youtube delivery.

    Was this made using Animoto’s system or compiled locally then uploaded?

  2. Hi John,

    Flash is pretty ubiquitous and most devices have it. Have you installed the Flash plugin on your iPod?

    Ok .. that was tongue in cheek, couldn’t resist. Seriously .. do you know a plugin for WordPress that will deliver video without the use of Flash?

    The video was made purely on Animoto’s system. I simply compiled the images locally, uploaded them to Animoto and used their 3-step wizard to do the rest.


  3. Best I can figure would be using a WMP plugin. That wouldn’t solve the issue of iPods though. I’ve also tested the WP Video FLV plugin…while it’s great for reduced/resized video delivery on a desktop it kills in iPod.

    Maybe they’ll get this straightened out by HTML-6 and when the Web3.0 plugin goes Gold. 🙂

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