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Chops Do you enjoy playing games? Do you enjoy collecting rewards? Well, if you answered “YES” to both of those (that’s a resounding “yes” by the way), then there’s a new game in town you might be interested. It’s a website called that lets you collect points for checking in or performing tasks at businesses you frequent. You can learn more about it from the following video clip:

It’s absolutely true; you can now do the things you love and get paid for doing it. It’s also a great way for businesses to reach out to their audience and encourage them to take on tasks that they specify and keep an eye on who is checking in and who isn’t. It provides them with a tool to offer incentives to members and to encourage behaviour that’s beneficial to their company.

Personally, I don’t have access to the scheme, as I’m not based in the U.S., but I have been playing with other location-based services and I think that this could be huge. It ties your real-life behaviour with a virtual game that lets you score points or gain incentives earned by what you do. It’s a great example of a win-win system. So, if you have an iPhone, Download the App and give it a whirl.

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