Is it “spying” or “adding value” ?

So, you have a problem dealing with a company and post about it on your blog, on Facebook or on Twitter. Would you be surprised if the company contacted you to try and rectify the situation? I wouldn’t be, but apparently the Daily Mail has an interesting article where it calls this spying on customers. There’s nothing like a bit of sensationalism to get the blood boiling!

The reality is that nowadays organisations are must more in tune with what is being publicly said about them and this often proves to be a very valuable way for them to tune their performance to the needs of their clients, and saying that they don’t have access to this public information is misinformed and misguided. Regardless whether you’re BT or some small seo essex company; it’s really up to you how you gather feedback from your customers, and up to you to decide how to act upon it.

But I guess that’s how some newspapers are sold, on the basis on alleging that businesses are infringing customer’s rights and spreading fear, uncertainty and doubt. And people actually pay for this “news”?


  1. Well, what do you expect from the Daily Wail?

    I think this sums up the Daily Wail so effectively; the thing is it’s a trashy tabloid purporting to be a serious paper and so many people fall for it (the typical Euro-hating intolerant middle Englander)

    Enjoy 🙂

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