Calling all New York movers


Here’s an interesting website for people looking to more to or from new York. It’s a website called City Move that aims to put people planning to make a move in touch with New York Movers and helps them get the best deal possible for their move. It’s all based around a reverse-auction process which is really quite interesting. Here’s how it works:

Let’s say you’re planning to move to New York and are looking for the cheapest moving company to help you out. You sign up to the website and fill in the details of the company you’re looking for. It’s a pretty simple process where you specify details of your move including:

  • Your source and destination address
  • The number, size and shapes of boxes and large items like furniture you want moving
  • You have the option of specifying what kind of vehicle and how many people you want, if you wish; or you can just let the mover decide.
  • Whether you want a total cost or an hourly cost

Once you’ve given all your details, the system works its magic and gets in touch with a number of movers who can help. These will provide quotes for their services which you can use, together with reviews other customers have left, to choose the company you would like to help you out.

Compare this to the traditional process you would follow; opening the yellow pages, get a list of likely companies, phone each one and explain your requirements and wait for a price from each one. Instead here, you type in your requirements once, and the companies bid against each other to provide you with the best price. I know which one I would choose if I needed this sort of service.

If you want to learn more, check out the video below: – Intro Video from Philip Liu on Vimeo.

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