Windows 7 theme – Isle of Man themepack

If you’re running Windows 7, here’s a great new themepack that uses a number of great imagery from the Isle of Man. I got the idea while looking at Microsoft’s theme page and noticed that although they had themes for a number of different countries, the Isle of Man wasn’t on the list. So, I worked with Andy Stephenson, a photography enthusiast with a great portfolio, and produced this pack to share with others. It shows some of the stunning imagery found in the Isle of Man, together with landmarks that will be familiar to anyone who has visited out picturesque island.

You can download the themepack by clicking on the icon below:


The theme pack has a total of 15 different backgrounds which makes it a bit larger than other theme packs I’ve seen. I’m looking for feedback as to whether the theme pack is too large and whether I should produce a smaller version. If you’re on Windows 7, give it a try and tell me what you think! In the meantime, if you like Andy’s work, check out his photography website and see some more of his work.


  1. Great..well done you, as soon as you load windows 7 onto
    my laptop i’ll download it…haha

    See you Wednesday

    Carol x

  2. Great, something to remind me of my holidays whilst stuck in work. Downloading now.
    I’m sure the size will be fine, 10mb isn’t a lot these days.

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