Streaming off my Dreambox

I found an excellent application that lets you stream and control your Dreambox from the comfort of your PC (or laptop in my case). It’s called DreamStream and is written specifically for all Dreamboxes that are running Enigma 2 ( a framebuffer-based zapping application for linux ), in particular DM 7025, DM800 and DM8000 machines. Here’s a screenshot from my playing around:


Here are the features of DreamStream:

  • Playback of TV / Radio / Recordings
  • one Channel on TV and another one on PC (only same Transponder on Single-Tuner)
  • Wallpaper-Mode (Windows only)
  • switch Channels
  • set Audio-Tracks and Video-Subservices
  • Electronic Program Guide
  • Teletext
  • Timer Management
  • Remote Control
  • Messenger
  • Tag Editor
  • up to 5 Profiles for different Boxes
  • Multi Language
  • Multi Platform (Windows/Linux)

No more worrying I’ve lost my remote control 😉

Download it here

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