Thinking about summer holidays

Cliffs near Dover

We’re off to Malta for Christmas, but one can’t help but think about what we’re going to do this summer. The truth is that with a 4 year old and 2 babies, our options are a little limited. Flights are a bit of a drag, I’m sure we’ll learn all about that on our forthcoming trip to Malta.

But we do have another option. When we knew we had twins on the way, we did invest in a 7 seater, which means we can go on a driving holiday, and thanks to sea transport, well, all of Europe is really still an option for us. I’ve never actually crossed the English Channel on a ferry, but there are a number of ferries to france available to choose from, and with websites like its easy to have a look around and find the best deal. And crossing the channel is only the first part of the equation. Once you get to France, you can drive to Germany, Austria, Italy and a selection of other countries. I’ve been to a couple of European countries, but it would be quite fun to visit some others.

So, doesn’t look like I’ll be collecting many Airmiles in the near future, but my driving is going to get lots of practice.

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  1. If you want a bit of a mini-cruise too, don’t forget there’s a car ferry from (either Southampton or) Portsmouth to Santander. I’ve never used it myself, but it was a consideration for a trip to Bilbao that I made.

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