Awesome household gadgets

Technology is becoming part of every facet of our lives, and the home is no exception. Here are a couple of gadgets that are must-haves for any technology freak:

  • DC31 Dyson Vacuum Cleaner: An awesome device, the dc31 is a hand-held vacuum cleaner that boasts the world’s fastest motor. At 104,000 revolutions per minute, the motor turns ten times as fast as a commercial aircraft, and even five times as fast as a Formula 1 engine. It’s a switched reluctance motor which is a specialised form of stepper motor that can reach remarkable speeds.
  • De Dietrich DOP895B: Remember when you used to pop your food into the oven, twiddle a knob and wait for your food to be cooked? Well, ovens have now grown up and the De Dietrich is one such marvel. It has a touch sensitive display panel that let you select the meal you’d like it to cook, and internal sensors to detect how your food is doing.

I wonder if my wife will let me buy these two?

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