Finding free and legal music

I was putting together a short video with Windows Movie Maker showing show photos from our recent trip to Butlins but realised I didn’t really want to use any of the MP3s I had. The music I had is all copyrighted and with YouTube ripping music out of videos I wanted to do the right thing.

So, after poking around the Web a bit, I came across Jamendo, a site I had never been to before. It’s a place where artists can upload tracks and albums that they want to share with the world, music which is covered by the Creative Commons license, allowing people to share and make use of their work without having to specifically ask for a license. Anyway, I found a track to use and created a video using it. But I wanted to mention the site on my blog so that I can return back there next time I needed some music. I’ve also downloaded a few tracks to listen to, maybe I’ll get to find some new exciting bands. Here’s the video I created:

They’re photos from a weekend we spent down in Butlins. We had an awesome time as you can see from the photos. Loads of swimming, photos with Bob the Builder, live entertainment, candy floss .. you get the picture. We’ll be back!


  1. The travelling looks great! take a look at my site for more cheap options!

    In Malta they have begun to crack down on illegal downloads so everyone has to be really careful!

  2. I like the idea of Jamendo. But I like the usability of Jango better. I would like a combo of Jango with the option to only display music that was free to listen to.

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