Not all Injections are Painful

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The Isle of Man Section of the BCS is organising a talk tomorrow focusing on Dependency Injection as a coding technique. Here’s some more detail about the event:

Our next event is about a programming technique called Dependency Injection. Here’s a brief outline:

As software applications grow in complexity de-coupling your code becomes more important. Dependency injection is one of these de-coupling techniques. Explore dependency injection and inversion of control design principles and how they lead to loosely coupled code (a good thing), very testable code and more flexible applications. We will also look at the use of DI containers as an aid to Inversion of Control. See how you can start using these today

The talk is aimed at professionals involved in different aspects surrounding the development of software. The talk will be presented by Zakir Hoosen, from Fuzzelogic Solutions, who specialise in the provision of technology services over a range of different technologies and methodologies. You can read more about them on their profile.

More details and  CPD certificate available for download on the BCS Event Details page.

I’m planning on being there. Any others with an interest in programming coming along?

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