BuyDig: Using Twitter to engage with customers

I came across the @buydig Twitter account today and it was good to see how they’re using Twitter to stimulate conversations with their customers. Brands using Twitter isn’t breaking news, but too many companies are using Twitter just as a broadcast medium, much the way RSS can be used. BuyDig seem to be using it to speak to their customers, listen to them and share their success stories.

So, who are BuyDig anyway? They’re a Digital Superstore operating in the US who have been around since 1996. They sell all sorts of electronic goods from flat panel TVs to security cameras; a wide range of SLR digital cameras (including the Nikon D90 and others) all the way to their Home and Garden category including kitchen gadgets and baby gear. It’s a pretty comprehensive catalogue which merits the name “SuperStore”. The pricing looks pretty competitive too, but as they don’t ship outside the US, this site is really for my buddies across the pond.

They have some cool kit too. For example, one of the things that I saw on their Twitter feed was the Wacom Bamboo Craft Scrapbook Kit which is a tablet, mouse and pen combination that lets you play around with your photos, create drawings and creating and maintaining your digital scrapbooks in a brand new way. Another product that caught my eye was the Celestron VistaPix 8×22 Binocular (shown alongside) which has a built in digital camera, now that’s a cool gadget.

So if you’re based in the US and looking for an online supply for your gadgets, check out and make sure you follow them on Twitter.

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