Manic Thursday in the Isle of Man

I’ve got a “fun day” packed with events tomorrow, which may be of interest to some of my readers; well, if you’re based in the the Isle of Man anyway.

  • Social Media Club (Third Thursday) – There’s a whopper of an event focusing on eDemocracy by Simon Collister, a Manx-born social media guru whose areas of expertise focus around democracy, politics and public policy and studying how it adapts to new media and social networking. It’s a 7:30am start, and a great way to start the day before going to work.
  • Implications for Project Management in an uncertain Island Economy – a talk organised by the BCS looking at how project management disciplines operate in an Isle of Man environment and how these translate from global governance models. This one is after work with a 6:30pm start, right after the BCS AGM which starts at 6:00pm.

Both events are a great networking opportunity and aimed at slightly different groups of people. However, they both intersect my sphere of interest, so I’ll be at both. Long day, but should be fun!


  1. Sounds great. I am gonna attend the breakfast event and then also have an action packed day in loads of meetings! Manic Thursday for me too!

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