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I came across a good post that outlines the main differences between using Joomla and WordPress as a CMS. It’s not too long, and goes into what it considers the main differences between the two platforms, notably that Joomla is designed for more complex multi-user content managed sites; when WordPress is more streamlined and lets you come up with something more quickly. Here’s the conclusion that the post reaches:

If your goals call for a blog or even a more interactive website, WordPress could be a viable option.  This platform is highly regarded as the most streamlined publishing tool available, allowing you to get online fast with little to no technical knowledge.  Joomla is better for managing a larger amount of more complex content.  In the end, an expert user should be able to make the most of both solutions.  With all the available plugins, WordPress can be extended to the point where you wouldn’t know the site was power by a blogging tool.  If this platform can’t deliver the functionality you need, a genuine CMS such as Joomla makes a great choice.  The key is knowing what you need to get the job done and making the right choice from the start.

I think I quite agree with that; I’ve used WordPress a number of times, but none of the sites I’ve needed to deliver have had the complexity that would require something more than WordPress. The right choice of software is probably the most important thing to keep in mind; as starting down the wrong route can add time and cost to a project.

The post above is taken from the web hosting blog on Web Hosting Geeks which contains lots of information for anyone looking to learn about hosting their own websites. They have lots of reviews on different services and a collection of great articles that can give you all the information you need to get started.


  1. I’m trying to learn Joomla now after using WP for years. I figure as a designer I’d be more “well rounded” or something. But I tell you – Joomla is a lot more complicated and it’s taking me awhile to figure things out.

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