Come and fight my Brute

I’ve just got dragged into this cute little online game called Brute where you set up this cartoon character and take part in fights against other characters. It’s all automated and a bit random, but it’s cute nonetheless. Here’s what my Brute looks like:


Anyway, if you want to come and hit me over the head with some furniture, just go to my Brute page, create your own Brute and try to kick the living daylights out of me.

One a serious note, the game has an interesting viral element, where you can gain experience points by inviting others to play the game. So sign up now 😉


  1. Hello people! I am interesting in exchange of some pupils!
    So if you like to do it, just make a pupil for me here

    AND name the pupil putting first “1234” and the your name!
    So for example, if your name is “Gandalf” make me a pupil with name “1234Gandalf” so i can see your name and return the favor!! 😉

    PS : Also don’t put password in pupils just make them and i can level up them myself 😉 , i will leave password free your pupils too.

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