Pleasure Seeker – Funky watch

Here’s a funky gadget I came across today. It’s a watch called the Pleasure Seeker that doesn’t show the time in a conventional manner. Instead it has a total of 80 LEDs on the front giving it that chic sci-fi look. In the normal mode, the display is split into 2, showing the hours at the top and the minutes at the bottom. You can also switch it to “Pleasure Seeker” mode where it lights up three times a minute for 12 minutes, as an indication to everyone around that you’re “seeking pleasure” (take from that what you will)

Anyway, here’s what it looks like:

It’s a pretty funky look, though I’m not sure many of my female friends would appreciate it (yeah, that’s the female model) however it’s good to see innovation hitting the watch market place. I must say, I’ve seen a number of interesting watches over the last few years, and one I’m keen to get myself (one day) is one that displays time in digital. I’m quite happy with the watch I have at the moment though. It’s got a normal analogue display, but it also has a 2Gb memory chip inside; which means I can carry around useful programs and even some data.

Anyway, back to the Tokyo Flash Women’s Pleasure Seeker. It’s currently on Sale from at $54.00 which is not bad for a relatively unique watch.

Do you have a funky watch?

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  1. Humm.. weird looking design. Wonder what kind of pleasure does the pleasure seeker can seeker. .

    I guess it take sometime to get tune using this design.

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