Time and Attendance Systems

If you’re in the market for a timesheeting system there are a number of options you can examine today. The main choice you have is whether to go for a software package you run at your premises or a hosting solution that you can implement without having to spend an initial outlay on hardware and software. One such “online service” is iEmployee, a package that falls under the category of Human Resources Software that includes a number of modules that facilitate time entry for employees and also gives the HR department the facility to process timesheets, holidays, approvals and even integrate with payroll systems. All this amounts to cost savings by streamlining the process and avoiding errors caused by transcribing information from paper into a computer system.

One thing that struck me as quite interesting about the package is the ability to add workflow and business rules around people’s timesheets. This makes it easier to handle more employees because automation can normally deal with 80% of the cases that pass through HR. Staff can then focus on exception cases, and add value where it’s needed, rather than wasting time on mundane cases. It’s a real example of a tool that can drive efficiencies in a business as compared to traditional paper-based systems.

Do you fill in a timesheet? How does it work?

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