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I came across a WordPress theme that looks interesting today. It’s called WP Remix and is designed to help turn WordPress into a more “CMS-style” package, making use of a selection of different templates to let you create different page styles. I found the page layouts quite interesting, because a user who isn’t versed in HTML is usually stuck with the layout a WordPress template provides them and can’t really move away from it. This template makes this sort of customisation available and can help make for more attractive websites. The theme actually comes with around 50 templates, quite a nice collection.

The other thing I liked about the theme is the fact that it actually comes with a comprehensive set of instructions in PDF format, which a lot of themes don’t supply. It’s also backed with a support forum that looks pretty busy.

Before you rush off an grab it, you’ll need to know that this is a premium wordpress theme which costs $75 for a single site license. This license still obliges you to keep a link back to their website, but you can remove this for an additional $20. If you want to use it on more than one website, you’ll need to purchase the Multiple Use license, which retails for $275. If you’re interested in reselling the theme, they have an affiliate scheme which returns a 50% payout to anyone selling the theme for them.


  1. woah the price sounds a bit steep but the prgram sounds nice. I have the problem on my blogger account of a layout. I want a custom one but dont know how to make them 🙁

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