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I had an interesting experience today. I organised a talk for the BCS about development techniques, specifically unit testing, TDD and BDD. Granted, it’s a bit of a geeky subject, but hey, it is the British Computer Society, and a technical event was well overdue. We had a great turnout, but if I had access to something like live video streaming services we might have shared it with more people. Maybe it’s something I should look into.

I got immense satisfaction from organising the event, but what was interesting wasn’t the fact that I learnt something new. Yes, that was a bonus, but I got more out of the fact that I had organised something which the 40 or so people in the room had benefited from. The speaker was quite passionate about his subject, and I felt that his enthusiasm was well communicated to the audience; and that made me feel great. The funny thing was that I had expected myself to enjoy the talk for the technical elements, not for the fact that I had be instrumental in setting it up.

Does this means I’m turning no longer a geek and turning into a “people person”?

Update: If you’re after some technical detail, read Nathan’s post


  1. It is a nice feeling to help people–one of the most basic sorts of good deed and rare enough despite that 🙂

  2. You are right on that Vein.. One of the basic deed is to hep others.. Helping other people most especially to those in need brings joy to the people involve..

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