Secure your ZIPs

I’ve just come across SecureZIP, a secure compression program by PKWare, the people behind PKZip. I used PKZip for a long, long time in the past, but I’ve never really used a compression program to secure my files. I had dabbled a bit with PGPDisk when I needed to encrypt files, but it was a bit of a pain to use. So I downloaded SecureZIP to give it a whirl and it’s really quite easy to use. The initial setup is a bit time consuming in that you get assigned a certificate by PKWare to create an encryption key for securing your files. It’s understandable, especially as the software walks you through the process.

PKWare are actually running a great contest for users of SecureZIP (which is free for non-commercial use). Here’s the buzz ..

PKWARE, the inventor of the .zip standard, is giving away a non-commercial use license of SecureZIP Express and the opportunity to win great prizes in the new “Decrypt and Drive” contest!

With SecureZIP Express you can compress/decompress and encrypt files that you store or send. Compressing files is a great way to save storage space, especially on thumb drives and CD’s, and we all have files we should be securing! The software also includes a digital certificate so you can exchange files securely with others without using passwords. Only the person the file was encrypted for can open it when you use a digital certificate. The software is fully licensed for non-commercial use and has no toolbars or spyware!

For years, PKWARE has given free .zip software away and wants as many users as possible to receive the benefits of SecureZIP. PKWARE is giving away great prizes including a Honda scooter, bicycles, Wii games, gas cards, and more! Visit to play the game daily and/or download the free software. You need to have SecureZIP, and the digital certificate it installs, on the computer you play the game from. You can also get SecureZIP Express at Good luck!

I can’t actually take part in the competition, because, guess why .. it’s only open to US residents; but now I have a great way to secure my files, so I’m happy anyway 😉

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