BenSpark’s holding a contest

Just got a Tweet from BenSpark who’re running a contest with some T-shirts to give away. I was singled out because I had commented on a previous competition of his because it was only open to people in the US. This one, however, is international, so everyone can participate.

The prizes are being put up by Ten Bills, a website that retails T-Shirts at a flat $10. The T-shirts all seems to have cool imagery, but if I had to pick my favourite I would go with “Push My Buttons“, a brilliant design by Budi Satria Kwan. The T-shirts are all very artisticly themed, and I’m sure will appeal to some of you out there, so don’t hesitate to enter the contest too; it’s free, it’s fun and you don’t need to be wearing any safety equipment to do it. 😉

It’s actually quite nice to see something like this that isn’t restricted to a small part of the Internet. I do appreciate that sometimes there’s legislation that prevents things like this to happen internationally and there is a cost differential of allowing foreign competitors to enter, but I’d like to see barriers like this disappear over time, and companies and individuals tackling initiatives on a global scale; not just something they want to do in their own back yard.

Great work Drew!


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