My Twitter Mug is here – Merry Christmas to me!

twittermugI received my Christmas present the other day. Yes, every Christmas I make it a point to buy myself a Christmas present. After all, who better knows what I want? It’s usually something small and gadgety, but this year I opted for a mug. Not a normal mug though, but a mug with a difference: this mug had photos of my Twitter friends all over it. It was such a brilliant idea, that when I came across it, I bought myself one and bought two as Xmas presents for 2 friends who are also extremely passionate about social media (Sherrilynne and Ted)

The mug produced by the massively awsome guys down at CrowdedInk who have put together a simple process where all you need to do is supply your Twitter username. It makes use of the Twitter API to generate the image of the people your folow and the Zazzle API to generate the mug. What a brilliant idea!

If you click on the mug you can see a larger rendition of the mug and match the photos against my Twitter profile. If you’re one of my Twitter friends, check out if you can see yourself on it 😉


  1. Ooooh, I see one of Michael and I’s “secret twitter” accounts. SWEET! I’m asking for a Twitter mug for my birthday!

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