Looking at Persystent Edge Appliance

Imagine walking into work one day and finding that your 200 desktops had downloaded a Windows Update overnight that was preventing them from booting. This may not be the end of the world, as you can restore a previous version of the desktops, but think about the time and effort you would need to visit each and every one of those machines to fix them. This is where the Persystent Edge Appliance comes in. It’s a network appliance that allows you repair and maintain desktops and laptops over the network, within seconds of tracing an issue.

The Persystent Edge Appliance is touted at being a pre-packaged turnkey solution developed specifically for small business which comes fully configured to complement Persystent Suite, the world’s only high speed imaging solution that also repairs PCs on or off the network. Persystant Suite is unique in that it loads up prior to the Operating System giving you full control of the machine before it has finished booting. This is idea particularly when a device driver update stops the machine from actually booting. Persystent’s products can detect this error state and automatically repair the computer within seconds.

And repair isn’t the only thing that the Persystent Edge Appliance can be used for. Another powerful application is High Speed Imaging that lets you burn a new image to a number of desktops and laptops simultaneously. This is ideal if you are planning on moving your computers to a new version of an operating system, or deploying a configuration item to all the PCs in your organisation. Persystent Suite uses a revolutionary new technique using a single instance of the image and multicasting it to the target PCs on the network. This helps reduce storage requirements and minimise network traffic.

The beauty of the Persystent Edge Appliance lies in the fact that you can hook it up to your network, turn it on and you’re ready to go. It comes preinstalled with all the prerequisite software (Windows, IIS, SQL Server) and a full version of Persystent Suite Server together with 50 client licenses of Persystent Suite 4.3. It is designed to scale to up to 500 client licenses putting it right in the market for mid-size businesses. It can be just the tool you need to protect your company from unscheduled downtime and the threat of viruses and malicious code designed to take your computers down.

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