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Are you handy with craft but hopeless with websites? Do you wish you could sell your creations online? Well, here’s a website that you might find interesting. is a marketplace that lets artisans and craft aficionados display their artwork and sell them to other people all around the world. The focus is predominantly on handmade products so if you feel you have a talent in that area it’s a site you should really check out.

The site operates on the basis that artisans can list their items (basic sellers can see up to 10 items at a time with 4 pictures each without charge) allowing buyers to search through them and buy anything they fancy. there’s even a facility for buyers to request items made specifically to their requirements. It’s a great concept and a great way to make your way into creating a global brand for your products. Sellers get their own subdomain complete with stats and a way to attract loads of visitors to their products.

I gave a search through the website and came across this gorgeous set of printed monkey heads that I’m pretty sure Arthur wouldn’t mind getting for Christmas. Who knows, I might get my credit card out and do some shopping.

Actually, that’s another benefit of joining a market place like this. Payment facilities are provided for you out of the box (together with all the necessary conversion from other countries) so that’s one less thing to worry about.

If you’re artisticly inclined, check it out

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