Isn’t technology great

Back to the Future

I was thinking about technology on my way back from work this afternoon (I have a 15 minute walk which is a great time to think). I was thinking about the first PC I ever got which was an 8086 (with a Turbo button to boost the speed from 4.77 MHz all the way to 10 MHz), CGA graphics and 2 x 5 1/4 disk drives. Oh, and it also had 640k. Now that’s a far cry from the sort of hardware you can buy today.

Organisational computer has changed too. Back in the day it was all about shared mainframes, punched cards and monolithic computer systems. How the landscape has changed. Even hearing about new technologies, like cloud computing or automated OS recovery makes you marvel about how we got from there to here.

The question is .. what will the landscape look like in 10 years?


  1. Don’t ya just love that old Commador 64! LOL… in the future, the technology will be built and accessible everywhere. Not just when you have a laptop or desktop in front of you…. think of the possibilities!!!!

  2. Oh no!! We think that makes Mom old!! She started with a Commador 64, too! Hhehehehe!! It will be fun to watch and see. We just saw a computer the size of a paperback in a magazine! Maybe all TV will be 3D!! Maybe Cats will have thumbs!! Or not!!
    Thanks for shring!
    Your FL furiends,

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