Business Christmas Cards

I was watching a debate this morning on a breakfast show and how some people don’t send Christmas cards any more. Instead there’s a movement to “donate money to charity instead” or “buy a goat in some African village”. While I think these are perfectly acceptable for some people, personally I feel that nothing really beats a Christmas card. It tells you that someone is thinking of you and have a really personal touch. I love receiving Christmas cards and that includes cards that companies I’ve worked with send me.

I like these Business Holiday Cards for example. There’s a huge selection of cards which you can personalise or tailor with your choice of greetings, colours and even your logo or custom artwork. If I was running a business and needed some business Christmas cards, this would be just the sort of service I would be after. They’re also a great company to be supporting because they support the Texas Children’s Pediatric Associates Project Medical Home by donating 4000 personalised cards to them.

Some people thing that receiving Christmas cards from companies can be a bit impersonal, but I like the fact that I’m remembered, especially when it’s a company where I have built up a great relationship with the staff who work there; good enough that they remember to send me a Christmas card. It’s amazing how little things can mean so much so many years later.


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