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Someone sent me a link to a great service called Twitt(url)y that lets you find out what’s fun and interesting. It’s a great service that looks at what URLs people are talking about and rates them based on how many people are talking about it. So, for example if someone launches a viral campaign about a diet pill called Orovo. If enough people start talking about the link and about the campaign then the link will start getting ranked higher and higher in Twitturly until it gets to the top of the front page.

It’s an interesting concept, that of using “the masses” to help decide what is interesting and what isn’t. It very much depends on the group of people doing the voting. Twitter still has a high percentage of technical users, so a subject like live video casting solutions is more likely to get traction than, say what happened last night on EastEnders. Still, as the Twitter population spreads to other segments we’ll see more mainstream subjects enter the list and the list get more comprehensive.


  1. Funny I would never have thought to “read Twitturly.” It shows up in our stats all the time, but as a source…. So thanks! You’ve got me thinking 🙂

  2. Hey, thanks for the great write-up. I agree Twitturly will only get bigger and bigger as the Twitterverse becomes a little more motley. You should check out our latest post at the Twitturly Blog to see some of the features we’re cookin up. Thanks again for the post –


    Ps. our current logo is available on our site or contact me @tonyfonseca and I can send you the up-to-date logo. Thanks!

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