Isle of Man BCS Event: ManxWiki

The Isle of Man Section of the BCS are holding a talk next week on a local initiative to build a Wiki dedicated to the Isle of Man: ManxWiki. Here’s what the talk will be about. Here’s a bit more about ManxWiki:

Wikis are information websites that allow any person to register as a user for the purpose of adding to the pages directly with their knowledge and experience on the specified subject. In the case of ManxWiki the subject is simply “The Isle of Man”, any aspect of local life that is deemed to be of value or interest for the benefit of others.

The beauty of ManxWiki is that if you find a page that is missing data that you already know about, YOU can easily add to the page for the benefit of others.

It’s at the Claremont Hotel at 6:00pm on 12th November and we should have some refreshments available on the day. Evenings are started to get a bit colder, so a hat and coat are in order (and maybe a couple of NFL jerseys underneath), but it should be a good talk. We’ve had a couple of good talks this year, particularly focused around Internet topics, and we should have some interesting ones next year.

So, if you’re in the Isle of Man .. come an join us! More on the BCS website.


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