Can you insure websites?


Hmmm I just noticed that my car (the Jaguar not the BMW) isn’t taxed at the moment as the tax expired at the end of September. The problem is that I need to show my car insurance to get my new tax disc. And my insurance doesn’t get renewed till next week. Bit silly really, but I think I’ll just wait till next week and tax it properly. I’m sure there’s an easier was to check if I have valid car insurance than having to dig up last year’s certificate (that’s assuming I still have it)

I suppose insurance is a pretty great innovation because it minimises the worry you may have about losing something or having it lost. You can insure practically anything nowadays, the other day I saw an advert by a company that specialises in insuring mens wedding rings, I wonder if that’s because they lose them more often then women do 😉 I wonder. Do you reckon you can get insurance quotes for a website? There are quite a few risks you probably would like to mitigate against, including your site getting hacked and any unscheduled downtime you may have. I’m pretty sure you can insure against anything, but does anyone know of any website insurance?


  1. I was reading that you can insure agianst anything but most insurers are very hesitant to insure websites. So good luck finding the insures that do it (let alone at a reasonable cost).

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