Which camera should I get?

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Well, it’s my birthday next week and Camille is getting me a new compact camera to replace my old Minolta (which is now 5 years old). To tell you the truth, 3.2 megapixels is still great for online photos, but it’s slow, doesn’t give any control over exposure time and the battery really doesn’t last long. So, I’ve been looking around for what to get and here are my choices:

  • Samsung NV100HD – Specs look impressive, boasting a 14.7 megapixel sensor a a wide array of features. Some of the reviews suggest that the quality of the photos doesn’t do the camera justice, so not sure about this one.
  • Sony Cybershot DSCW120 – I really really like this camera. It has a whole bunch of features I love, but I’m not too fond of Memorysticks to store images on. I’m a bit of an SD man I guess.

I’m a bit torn between the two, but I think the Cybershot is the one that might win in the end.

There’s a new model out too that seems just perfect for me, but it’s a touch more than I wanted to spend. It’s the Sony Cybershot T700 and has some amazing features. It’s ultra-slim, does everything all the other cameras seem to do, has a massive touch screen on the back and even have 4Gb of internal memory. Check out the review here.

I like the fact that it’s super-slim and super-fast and I love all the gadgetry like face recognition and even smile recognition (yup, it won’t take a photo until you smile). The battery life looks amazing and the touch screen on the back just simply superb. As I said though, I was trying to keep it under £200, so this might be a touch to pricey. I might just go for it’s smaller brother.

The question is .. which one would YOU go for?


  1. It seems to me like you’re pretty much decided on super slim… 🙂
    Besides, you don’t buy a new camera very often so get the one you like the best or you’ll be wondering “if only” and “what if” – afterwords

  2. I’m on my second cybershot – and love it, but I didn’t go for the touch screen. The smile recognition feature is very cool!

    My first Cybershot was the ultra slim size which fit in my evening purse, my pocket or hung around my neck. It went everywhere, unobtrusively and did a great job. Go for it!

    Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday Dear Owen, Happy Birthday to YOU!

  3. Of the two you mention get the Cybershot. I’ve got two earlier Cybershot’s and they’re both great. Have you thought about a Nikon Coolpix? Perhaps the S600? Have fun.

  4. I would go for the Sony Cybershot myself as it has greart reviews. I can recommend the Fuji Finepix which I recently bought Z20 which is 10 megapix and loads of great features.

  5. Whichever you choose, have a great birthday Owen! By the way, I need to see how your son looks now! It’s been awhile since you posted a picture.

  6. I am not familair with those brands and buy slightly cheaper models myself. However I have had a lot of good experiences with Pentax, especially in getting models that take very low noise shots suitable for stock use.

  7. p.s. It was Sony’s I used as my main comparision–I had trouble with them being ‘noisy’ even under bright light. I actually returned one.

  8. We have several digital cameras around here, plus a pentax that weighs a ton. As to something new, I haven’t a clue which one I’d pick, but it appears you’ve got tons of votes favoring the cybershot 🙂

  9. Well first I would like to wish you a happy birthday. Although I am partial to Nikon I would suggest the Cybershot DSCW120, but if you use the camera quite a bit I would look to invest in the latest T700.

  10. Just got a Fujitsu L100 from Tesco’s for £72 before I went on holiday. Pictures are fab and there is plenty of manual control if you need it. All in all a great replacement for my broken Canon Ixus II.

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