Scary new exploit discovered

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Seems like there’s a new type of browser exploit that can cause problems to users out there. It’s called Clickjacking and here’s how it’s described:

In a nutshell, it’s when you visit a malicious website and the attacker is able to take control of the links that your browser visits. The problem affects all of the different browsers except something like lynx. The issue has nothing to do with JavaScript so turning JavaScript off in your browser will not help you. It’s a fundamental flaw with the way your browser works and cannot be fixed with a simple patch. With this exploit, once you’re on the malicious web page, the bad guy can make you click on any link, any button, or anything on the page without you even seeing it happening.

There’s a little more information about this on the Web Admin blog but details are still a bit sketchy. The biggest problem is that it seems to effect everyone using a browser, regardless if they’re using Firefox, IE or Chrome and whether they’re connected by dial-up, ADSL or satellite internet provider.

Hope this doesn’t cause too much consternation, because it seems like it’s not going to be trivial to fix this security hole.


  1. Easiest way to avoid this is to avoid those scary sites. I never go to a site unless I am sure of where I am going.

    But this is a crazy thing.

  2. When I first got online, nearly 10 years ago, I’d go to every website I could find without hesitation. That was a lesson learned the hard way! Today I’m MUCH more cautious and rarely go to random websites! Yes, computers cost much less now than they did 10 years ago, but I’m also much more broke than I was 10 years ago too….LOL! It’s just sad that people have to put so much time into doing something that’s so deliberately malicious!

  3. I tell everyone I know to be very careful when they are browsing the internet. It is not a safe place, unless you go to the usual site like or checking your gmail. When you are searching through the web, it starts to get dangerous. Especially if you have alot of important files on your computers. I’ll rather be safe then sorry.

  4. I tend not to be a worrier, I deal with things as they happen. And as its already been mentioned, there is always something new out there that is a threat to anyone online.

  5. But how does it benefit them? It doesn’t open the pages on your screen does it? So are they using it to make money through pay-per-click ads?

  6. Now,that is really scary. But, really, i don’t think it is possible just without any human interaction. That could lead to a lot of big problems and issues. I really hope that this is just a rumor.

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